About Us

Designed to empower. Made to last. Designed in LDN, we’ve created empowering minimal timepieces and accessories since 2012, combining the best of a modern Swedish design aesthetic, British heritage, and quality craftsmanship.
We at are people-oriented. That means we treat each other like family. We care about our people, products, and you, our customer. We believe in a world where everything is possible: Handmade precise quality, biodegradable and sustainable materials, 100% recyclable and recycled packaging, and fair wages for all our employees.We are always striving to be better; to create the timepieces you will have forever.
We had a vision. And it was colorful.Like a kaleidoskope. Of memories.We played a tribute to art, to light.An eclectic feel, daring you to find the bold within you.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]